Honor Roll

We keep a running Honor Roll and add names to the list as we become aware of the death of a Seahorse.  Please review the names listed below and determine if you know of anyone who we do not have listed or if you know the date of death or circumstances surrounding the death of anyone on the list.  We also keep a list of family members of deceased Seahorses and invite them to our reunions as well as notifying them of our Memorial Service and Honor Roll.

Lost in the Republic of Vietnam

CPT Linus G. K. (Lee) Chock             KIA                  29 November 1966 ...........P12E L128

CPT Larry Francis Lucas                    KIA                  20 December  1966.............P13E L64

CWO Richard John Wright                 KIA                  8 February 1967 .................P15E L10

CPT Clifford W. Schneeman, Jr.          KIA                 5 November 1967 ..............P29E L26

CPT Roger T. Sawyers                      KIA                  2 October 1967...................P27E L1

CWO Louis Ferdinand Keeven            KIA                 4 December 1967 ...............P31E L35

1LT Victor M. Hodson                       KIA                  14 April 1969.......................P27W L81

MAJ Rodney Lynn Strobridge              MIA                Casualty 11 May 1972........P01W L24

MAJ Arthur Gene Ecklund                   MIA                Casualty 19 July 1969 *........P27W L6

*MAJ Ecklund’s remains were found and identified and he was buried on 3 April 2004 in Galesburg , Illinois

MAJ Perry H. Jefferson (USAF), KIA--- MAJ Jefferson was an observer in a plane pioleted by 1LT Arthur Ecklund that went down 3, April 1969. He was MIA until his remains were found and inturned at Arlington Cemetary on 3, April 2008.

CPT Samual D.Freeman III (101st ABN)--KIA-- CPT Freeman died as a result of injuries suffered when rescuing CPT Latimer Maginess from the wreckage of his downed Bird Dog.  His casualty date was 7 January 1967 . P13E L121

1LT Frederic W. Miller (101st ABN)--KIA-- 1LT Miller was an observer in a plane Piloted by CWO Richard John Wright that went down 8 February, 1967. Both were KIA. P15E L10

CPT Roger T. Sawyers was stationed at Bao Loc with the 183rd and remained there when the 185th (Ptrodactyls) took over the area. The 185th was split between Gia Nghia and Bao Loc. CPT Sawyers was the 185th platoon leader at Bao Loc.


Post Vietnam

MAJ William L. Buck

1SGT Robert M. Bratton  26 Feb 1987

SP4 Jerry A. Moore

1SGT Billy E. Owens

CPT Allen B. Hodgson      6 Jan 03

SGT Max Carmichael 1987

MAJ Edward L. Harris

SP5 Henry Arbogast

SGT John Abbott

SGT Lenox Maultsby

SP6 Clarence Joynes

SFC Robert Lee Lane

LTC Jimmy Steinbaugh Aug 04

PFC Thomas E. Mong   May 03

CPT Gerald E. Bedford            Died on Instrument approach to Davisson AAF 1969-70

CPT Charles E. Crowe 1997 or 98

CWO Gary Plank Died in a tractor accident in the summer of 2002

SP5 Alan Davidson Piotrowski         15 Jun 1991

CPT Terry E. Wehrkamp         1971

SGT Bobby R. Brown              2001

CPT Dean Roberts

CWO Joseph V. Dorman         24 Nov 2005

SP5 Kenneth J. Olson 25 Oct 2004

SFC Glennis Anglin

CPT Adolph Kotulan

SFC Howard Lytle

PFC Peter S. Engel April 8, 2005

SSGT James Elmore August 2006

1LT Laddy "Magdrop" Maginess Late 2006

SP5 Dale Jurney October 30, 2004

SFC Jonah Britt 2001

SGT Harvey A. Kessell 2/05/06 Leukemia

SP4 Gary Cooper, June 2007

SP5 Forrest E. Aylsworth 2002

1/SGT Frank S. Weems, 2/05/08

MAJ John D. Michael, 1/23/08 Commanding officer of 183rd Jan to Jul 1969

SP5 William (Bill) Keener, April 8, 2008

CPT Charles W. Hutchings, July 13, 2000

SGT Roger H. Willis, June 7, 2008

CPT Robert L. Steenrod

Melvin Henson   June 21, 2007

SP5 Mike Seehaas  1986 Throat Cancer

CW1 Ronald W. Schweikert,  June 30, 2006

COL Jerry Bussell,  October 8, 2010

CPT David Woods, November 9, 2010

SSG Neil Quatkemeyer, October 31, 2010

SP5 John P. Jones, December 2, 2010

SFC Glenwood Taylor February 2010

Maj. Ralph Goodwin, April 2011

SP4, Ronald L. Hogue, 1967-68:  February 21, 2011

Childers, Larry T. 1971-72: 

Maj. Alvin L. Solomon Nov. 21, 2011 

SP4, CARL FORGEY  1969-70   APRIL 8, 2012

SSG Ducote, Murphy J. 1968-69

Manders, John R. Jr. 1966-67 August 13, 2012

 1LT  Peter Peacca  Sep. 27, 2012

SP5 Orvil D. Faught   2010

Dennis Sonnier  1970-71

Cpt.  Billy Seay   1969-70

SGT Vernon Jackson    1969-70

PFC Terry Hackney   1968-69

CW2  Lloyd N. Washer

SP4  Jack Vannoy   1968-69

SP5  Jimmy D. Marrs
PFC  Lloyd E. Labonne   1966
SFC Frank Woods
Col  Mack L Gibson  1966-67
Cpt. Robert L. Seymour

Honor Roll Display

We are planning a display to honor our deceased brothers at our reunions.  If you have pictures, articles, biographies etc. of any of the Seahorses who are on the above list, please contact Jim McHaney . I will let you know the best way to get the materials to me.