WWW.STONECANVAS.COM --- Ryan Huseby (Artist): Ryan is an artist with unique wood working talents. He creates inspiring pieces of art that incorporate subject mater such as rock art images found around the world and various other images, all of which are recreated and displayed in a unique wooden format. Ryan is donating a Seahorse logo for the 2008 reunion being held in Charleston SC. Visit his Web site to see some of the beautiful wood creations (Available for consignment work).


Below is a link to an article that Jim McHaney wrote for a Veterans Newsletter about his return to Vietnam.

 Article written by Jim McHaney


Listed below are the titles to some books written about Vietnam.  Many of them have references to the 183rd Seahorses.


"The Conflict that was a War"   A book dedicated to Carl Forgey, one of the many loyal members of the 183rd who passed away April 8, 2012.


"The Birddogs Tail"   Everything you ever wanted to know about the 0-1 Birddog.


"Of Their own Accord"   Read about Army Ranger's and Birddog's in Southeast Asia.


"A Hundred Feet over Hell"  Stories about the 220th RAC, sister unit of the 183rd.



The 183rd is proud to endorse the following Veterans' charity organization:



There are many other worthwhile charity's that you may want to support - such as:

Fisher House Foundation

Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service

The Patriot Guard Riders

Rolling Thunder