1967 Stories                                                                              Truce  1968

              Newspaper articles about 183rd from 1967                      Pilot flys secret mission, New Years day 1968  

             1967 Published info                                                           NHA TRANG

              Stories of Public interest about 183rd pilots                           Seahorse pilot, Cpt. Doug Thorp defends Nha Trang

             1968 Public info                                                      DFC Story

              Missions of Seahorse pilots around Vietnam 1968               Cpt. Richard L. Kloppenburg is awarded the DFC             

          1969 Public Information                                        Birddog Gets VC

              Missions of 183rd & others during 1969                             Phan Thiet, Lt. Fred C. Hankinson directs air strike

          1970 Public Information                                        BINH THAUN province 

              Newspaper article from 1970                                              Unknown Seahorse Pilot aids MACV team 1966

          VC/NVA Sappers  pg 1                                          Major  Ecklund

              Story about sapper attack, as seen through the eyes        Mission of 1Lt. Arthur Ecklund,  "Seahorse 78"
            of Mark Mitchell

          VC/NVA Sappers  pg  2                                                 Vietnam Shootdown

              continued                                                                            1970 shootdown of Cpt. Jerry Lemons in his O1 Birddog

             VC/NVA Sappers  pg  3                                                   WO Richard Wright

               continued                                                                           Cpt. Richard Kloppenburg "tells all" about crash of O1 that
                                                                                                        resulted in the death of WO Richard Wright

             Mission Bob Beall                                                                    "Straffing Charlie"

             Mission of 183rd pilot in support of ground troops.                 Funny, but true tale about two Seahorses, by Mack Gibson

             The Boatpeople                                                                   Memorials

             "The Boatpeople" sail from San Francisco to "Nam"            Tribute to the life of 1Lt. Victor M Hodson by Spec 4 Bob Howland

             "Our Frog"                                                                Bullet between my Feet

              Attack on LZ Betty by Spec 5, Carl Forgey                            Don Tyler

             Ambush - DUC MY Pass

            60th AHC working with 183rd pilots                      Vietnam chronicles  IFR to Phan Thiet

                                                                                                                                       By Dick Kloppenburg  

              Vietnam Chronicles  B-52 Arc Lite    
               By  Dick Kloppenburg                                  Who knew this about Vietnam

        "Distinguished Flying Cross" award                   " Sliver Star"  award
         By Cpt. Fred C. Hankinson                                    By  Cpt. Fred C. Hankinson
    Khe Saan crash                                                                   CAMBODIA FAC
                   Bill Johnson                                                     By  Gene Kobes

                  The man from Mars  By Don Tyler


          By Marc Mitchell