Non Stop 184th RAC:The 184th RAC flew observation missions in support of US and Vietnamese forces during the Vietnam Conflict. The unit flew the O1-G Birddog single engine, two place, high wing aircraft. The missions included conducting artillery fire missions, directing air strikes, and general reconnaissance.

Pterodactyls 185th RAC This is a web page dedicated to the officers and men of the 1st Avn Brigade, 223rd Avn Bn, 185th Recon Airplane Co. "Pterodactyls" based at Camp Coryell, Ban Me Thout, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-71. The 185th was a fixed (starched) wing unit flying the old Cessna O-1 Birddog. 

 Swampfox 199th RAC Dedicated to the men who flew and supported the 199th Recon Airplane Company in the Delta region of Vietnam.

  Headhunters 219th RAC:Dedicated to the men who flew with the 219th Headhunters.

  Catkiller 220th RAC This unit is dedicated to the men who supported and flew the O-1 Bird Dogs. The Catkillers operated out of Phu Bai, Hue,Da Nang, Dong Ha, and Quang Nagi

  Shotguns 221st Aviation Company This site is dedicated to the men who served from its activation on 23 March 1965 to its deactivation 10 October 1971.

203 rd Hawkeyes  Dedicated to the 360 men who served with the 203rd RAC "Hawkeyes" from 1967 - 1970


The Black Aces   Operated out of Chu Lai and DaNang

73rd Surveillance Aviation Company The mission of the 73rd was in support of Special Forces, combat operations, visual & airphoto aerial reconnaissance and surveillance.

Air Force FAC's  This is a pretty good site that show's the Air Force's FAC history, their Medal of Honor awardee's, etc.