I flew back from Duc Phoe to Chu Lai at 1000 hrs. on Jan 1, 1968 . This was during the truce? so I would like to stay anonymous. I had been weathered in there for a week and it broke with bright sun that morning.  I called "Task Force Oregon" at Chu Lai for the OK to fly, got the usual NO, then after another call they said if I removed the rockets I could fly home.  I took off on a west heading and climbed to the top of the mountain ridge, NVA Base Camp 122, and turned north to Chu Lai.

The hill, west of the river, that was known to have an NVA Anti-aircraft BN had a line of over 700 NVA walking down to big Party Boats on the river. All I did was keep gaining altitude and wishing I was not there. A little north on the river "Song Vae?" there were 11,000 + NVA walking on every dike toward over 22 sea going "Junks" with lots of females.

There was smoke from cooking fires and a party like massive gathering of people along the river. This was a wide flat valley that had no people in it.  The 1st BDE, 101st ABN. had cleared the area and moved the farmers to Quang Nai.  The area was an NVA accompanied tour of duty in the eary 1960's. It was the center of the Peasant Revolt in the 1300's and a long time Anti-Gov. area.

I got my body to Chu Lai, got clean cloths and never told anyone what I saw.  I knew where the NVA were. With this knowledge I found and reported a lot of the NVA to the artillery during the next four months. I was later replaced by the 21st in April and I showed them the NVA base areas. They had an operations Cpt. that was in that area in 1964 and he gave me a lot of background on NVA activities in that area.

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