Welcome to the home of the 183rd SeaHorses!

          This site is dedicated to members of the 1st Aviation Brigade, 10 CAB, 183rd Sea Horses RAC.

          The 183rd Aviation Company operated out of Nha Trang, Dong Ba Thin, Phan Rang, Bao Loc,

          Dalat,  Ban Me Thout, Gia Nhia and Phan Thiet.  Visit my Guest book, find old friends, view pictures,

          visit military links, and read stories from Birddog pilots .





        The members of the 183rd Seahorses hope you enjoy our web site.  Feel free to take a look around and check out the different tabs where you can view our history, pictures, some neat videos, and stories obout combat experiences that our vets have shared.  There are links to other sites with a military presence.  Visit our products page where you can order hats, t-shirts, commerative coins, decals  etc.  Last of all, Sign our Guestbook - We love hearing from you.     




The All Birddog Reunion,  Panama City Beach, Fl. 
is no longer a viable plan.

THE 183rd will have it's own unit reunion to be held in Dotham, Al.
during the same time frame October 8-11.
Please continue to monitor this web page over the coming weeks as more
information will be made available.

Futhermore - We will be hosting a mini reunion in Charlotte, NC
some time in early to mid July, 2015 in honor of our
Seahorse brother, Mack Gibson.

DATE: JULY 23-26
                                      LOCATION:    COUNTRY INN & SUITES  
                                                     HUNTERSVILLE, N.C
                 BOOKING #:   704-895-6565
                                               ASK FOR: "183rd AVIATION COMPANY" RATE
                          ROOM RATE: $89.00 PER NIGHT
                                           DEADLINE FOR REGISTERING:  JUNE 30th

 Please notify Gerald at:   gerald.lemons@yahoo.com or phone  972-351-7656
if you are planning to attend as a headcount for other activities.
Try to join us to honor Mack and for fellowship.  Spouses are more than welcome.
Douglas IAP - Charlotte, NC is the nearest airport that serves this area.






Happy Birthday Army Aviation!


On June 6, organic Army Aviation is seventy-three years old. 

On this day in 1942, while in the middle of WWII, the United States War Department sent a memorandum to the commanding general of Army Ground Forces authorizing organic air observation for the Field Artillery. Thus began modern Army Aviation as a key part of ground maneuver, separate and distinct from the Army Air Forces which later became the U.S. Air Force after the war. 

From this humble beginning, flying Piper Cub L-4 "Liaison" aircraft to the present day, Army Aviation continues to be indispensable. Commanders at every level depend on them to ensure mission success. From observation to medical evacuation; from resupply to air assault; from intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to homeland security; from disaster relief to humanitarian rescue, Army Aviation is a vital element in the equation for success. 

This didn't happen by chance. Seventy-three years of dedicated, innovative, steadfast development of capabilities and honing of crew skills have met increasingly complex challenges on a world-wide scale. The aviation professionals of the Active, National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve have proven time and again that they are more than up to the tasks set before them. 

We stand on the shoulders of men like former AAAA President, LTG Bob Williams, and others in the famous 1942 "Class Before One" and those in the "Cub Club" who followed as those early Liaison pilots. 

Today, we salute the men and women throughout the Army Aviation Enterprise, past, present and future, for their contributions to our nation and look with confidence to the future as they continue to serve "Above the Best!"


Happy Birthday Army Aviation!



Army Aviation Association of America, Inc.
593 Main Street, Monroe, CT 06468
aaaa@quad-a.org | www.quad-a.org
Supporting the U.S. Army Aviation Soldier and Family

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 The above link is a fantastic slide show with music that shows lots of photos and all branches of the services representated.  See SOG, Seals, Puff, M-48 tanks, SF teams, Medevacs, Choppers, LRRP's etc. etc.
It's seems a little tricky to view at first, but well worth the time it takes to download.  When you first click on it, your asked to
open or save.  Click open, then another box to download, click allow, takes a minute or so to download.  Sit back and relive some memories you may have forgotten.
We invite you to watch this video on youtube.  It's an art show entittled  "War on Truth" that honors veterans from AZ.  This is a great project that helps Vets cope with their feelings.  Just click & watch. 


We found this video that features the song " We gotta get out of this place" by The Animal's.  It shows some pictures maybe you've seen before, maybe some you haven't.  For all you aircraft junkies, blow the video up to full screen, pause it at about 36 seconds into the video, check out the crashed airplane.  Wonder how many of you can identify what kind it was?????.  Hope you enjoy




 Mission Statement


             It is the Mission of the Veterans of the 183rd Aviation Company (Seahorses) to preserve our history,

         remember and honor our lost Seahorse brothers, renew and maintain relationships developed by serving

                       in the 183rd Aviation Company during the Vietnam War, and provide mutual support.



Please check out the below video from youtube.  It is a fitting tribute to all you Warriors.










    Ash Cutchin & Don Tyler have just published a "new" newsletter.  The last one we saw was in 
  April, 2011.   Just click on the link below to find out all the latest goings on within the 183rd R.A.C.
  Then click on the  NEWS  tab for the newsletter



                    We are now classified as a Non-Profit organization .

           Our organization was classified as a 501 (c) (19), EIN #83-0507505 in 2010, with an effective date of exemption 
           of March 11,  2008.

           This classification may allow Veterans of the 183 rd to deduct certain expenses in their tax returns for    
           activites associated with our unit   (please contact your tax advisor on the specifics of these deductions).

           Contributions are tax deductible. I look forward to hearing your suggestions and working with you



           Please contact the appropriate seahorses if you have anything to communicate, especially stories to share

           or the names of newly located brothers.

                                          Contact information for the Steering Committee of the 183rd Aviation Company


           President:                     Gerald Lemons
916 E. Bear Creek Rd.
Glenn Heights, TX 75154
Ph. 972-351-7656:
  Membership/Registration: Jim Benoit
219 Cardinal Ln.
Delray Beach, FL 33445
Ph. 508-221-0091
           Vice President: Bob Seymour
5314 Fossil Ridge Dr.
Fort Collins,  Co. 80525 
  Military Affairs: Dick Kloppenburg
805 84th  Ave. S.E
Mercer Island, WA 98040
Ph. 425-747-5263
           Treasurer: David Neff
767 East 1250 Rd
Lawrence, KS 66046
Ph. 785-843-8966
  Unit Chaplin: David Haidle
432 W. Pierce Street
Elburn, IL 60119
Ph. 630-365-2124
           Secretary: Hiram Johnston
1321 Beaver Dam Rd.
Madison,GA 30650
Ph. 706-342-9136
  Unit Historian:  Mark Mitchell 
4611 Park Ridge Dr. 
Benton,LA 71006 
Ph. 318-965-4130  
           Editors/publishers: Ash Cutchin
29018 Darden Point Rd
Courtland VA 23837

Don Tyler
1086 N. Old Franklin Rd.
Nashville,NC 27856
Ph. 252-478-3546
  Web Management: Jim McHaney
1020 S. 124th Street
Chandler, AZ 85286
Ph. 480-510-2745

Bob Howland
5691 Hillsdale Street
Ft. Lawn, SC 29714
Ph. 803-872-4381



         This Web site was inspired by Mr. Jim Penzin and created by Jim McHaney . Please provide any feedback you may have
             concerning this site to Jim McHaney.

             A special thanks for the following Sea Horse veterans who gave materials and support for this page: Charles Pettyjohn,
             Jim Penzin, Jay Bauer, Cleveland Ashley, Jerry Lemons, Roger Willis, James Benoit, Jerry Bussel and John Fischer.
             Special recognition to Alan Cherin  (Shortround),  and Bill Keener for their contributions in finding so many 183rd Vets.  








Greetings 183rd Brothers,


In this Joyous Easter Season, it is our firmest hope that you will be pleased to know that your newsletter chairmen, Don and Ash, (not unlike grizzly bears) have arisen from hibernation following a long sleep.  We are eager to report on the upcoming ALL BIRDDOG REUNION planned for October 7-11, 2015 in Panama City, FL.  If you have email, you should have already received registration forms from our fearless leader, Col. Lemons.  If you have any questions, his contact information is shown below.


Lieutenant Colonel Gerald W. Lemons, USA, Retired
916 E. Bear Creek Rd.
Glenn Heights, TX 75154
Phone: 972.351.7656
Psalm 144 v.1 


You may also receive and/or access more information with: 

Bob Brewster  

219th Headhunters HH37 '70-'71 

701 Pine Forest Trail East 

Port Orange, FL 32127 

Phone: 386-341-0423 

 The Wyndham Bay Point Resort has setup special discounted room rates for the guests of the 2015 All Birddog Unit Reunion October 6-12, 2014 (Subject to Contractual Room Drop early 2015 and mid 2015).    To receive this group discount be sure to mention that you are with the 2015 All Birddog Unit Reunion group when calling in, or you can reserve online by visiting the group website below which will automatically pull the group discounted rates.    The All Birddog Unit Reunion group room rate will be available until Tuesday, September 15, 2015, so be sure to book by Tuesday, September 15, 2015, to ensure you receive the group discount. 

  (866) 269-9165 




(Copy the above Link to make Hotel Reservation) 

Room Rates & Room Type Options …• Run of House - Resort View Room   $99.00* 

• Bay View Room (optional upgrade)   $119.00* 

• One Bedroom Golf Villa with Parlor   (optional upgrade) $139.00* 

As far as we know, the planned schedule of events is shown below (probably subject to change). 

Early Bird October 6-7 

Pre-registration… Show up early and enjoy the Florida Panhandle exploring, playing golf, swimming, fishing, shopping and just relaxing. 

Reunion October 8-11 

Thursday Oct.  8 

10am-Noon Fun & Games 

Noon – Registration Opens 

3pm – 7pm More Fun & Games 

3pm – Unit Hospitality Rooms Open 

7pm – Welcome Reception 

Friday Oct.  9 

7:30am – Registration continues 

8am – Depart for Ft. Rucker Memorial Dedication 

11am – Memorial Dedication Ceremony 

Lunch – Ft. Rucker 

All Day – Unit Hospitalities are Open 

6:30pm – Cookout/BBQ/Entertainment at Wyndham 

Saturday Oct.   10 

Unit Hospitalities Open All Day 

Day Trip Activities (TBD) 

6:30pm Reception 

7pm Reunion Dinner 

Sunday Oct   11 

Early – Farewell Breakfast 

8am-Noon Unit Hospitalities Open  

As a reminder:  Pensacola is only about 100 miles west of Panama City.  Some navy pilot friends report that the aviation museum there is spectacular.  In a roundabout way, Tyndall AF Base is about one hour away from the Wyndam Bay Resort hotel.  They might also have an aviation museum. 

As you may know, there has been some controversy about the little L-19 reproduction casting atop the memorial at Rucker.  We did not personally get involved in the discussions, and we will reserve our comments about the little airplane until after we have seen it. 

FYI:      We would also like to report that the 183rd held another fabulous mini-reunion in Huntersville, NC in August, 2014.  In no particular order (other than the sign-up sheet) the following Seahorses were in attendance:   Mack Gibson,  Ginna and Ash Cutchin,  John Philbrick,  Jenny and Don Turner,  Darrell Willrath,  Brenda and Jim Benoit,  Bob (Hungry) Howland,  Billie and Charlie Justice,  Jane and Don Tyler,  Kathy and Marc Mitchell,  Bill Guthrey,  Dave Haidle,  Nancy and Ken Yeager, Kay and Rick Jones…. 22 in all.  A fun time was had by all.  The food was memorable (but we’ve heard it was somewhat below Maine lobsters and Gonzales, Louisana Cajun stuff).  

As far as activities in Charlotte are concerned, socializing and sharing war stories and beverages were near the top of the list.  Some of us also visited the NC Aviation Museum, where we got to see some interesting planes, including Captain Sully’s slightly damaged A-320 of Hudson River fame up close and personal.  They also have a reproduction of the Wright Flyer of Kitty Hawk fame.  We also saw a movie about the June 1944 Normandy Invasion.  Many of us took a bus tour of Historic Charlotte.  Others visited the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  Mack Gibson was his usual self, the perfect host.  Because it was a low-key event, we had no formal dinners, but instead we usually dined at local restaurants.  One evening someone resurrected a pair of lace panties which many claimed Marcus got from some hooker in Gonzales, LA in 2013.  We have photos.  Our final event was a memorial service led by our Chaplain, Dave Haidle, who inspired us with his usual brilliant and outstanding oratory.  We concluded the service with an a capella rendition of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.” 

A rumor has been going around that Marc Mitchell is hosting another mini-reunion in July, 2015 in Gonzales LA.  Don and Jane Tyler are planning to attend.  When I queried Marc about it, this is his response….  Ash, I have no details other than it will be the 2nd week in July.  Lodging will be the same location and Paul & the 183rd has a 'lieutenant' willing to anchor a good lodging rate.  Paul & Karen have been on another cruise, they do that a lot!  Once Paul gets home, things will develop quickly.  This WILL not be a repeat of 2012.  This will be a simple meet-greet-have a beer affair! Gonzales will be a remarkable venue for a major Seahorse Gathering!!  The city will certainly be onboard for such a reunion!  Be assured,  Mack & I will be pitching it & I want it in 2016.  

You can get the final details from Marc Mitchell at his email address:    marko49@bellsouth.net   or call him in Benton, LA at:    318-965-4130. 

Oh, one more thing concerning Panama City.  Remember that Spring Break will be over by the time we get there in October, and the college girls will have gone back to college or back home if Daddy cuts off the tuition funds.  Our wives and girl friends will be the only bikini-clad “hotties” on the beach. 


Brother Jim Benoit tells us that he is recovering nicely after having a couple of stints placed in some of his arteries.  His email is:     jimbenoit@comcast.net 

ALSO:  From several sources.  Our beloved little brother Allen Cherin (Short Round to many) was just sent home following some medical problems in January.  Below is a portion of a message from his sister, Janice Das. 

Hi all,   …  We've decided Allen would benefit from another week in rehab, so he could be coming home Wed., April 1.  We have a care plan meeting scheduled for March 30, and we'll take it from there.   He's been making steady progress, little by little, and that's the main reason we think he will improve more if he stays a little longer.   I would just like to mention that he has a bunch of fantastic friends from his army days.  Some of them became so concerned after not being able to get in touch with him for so long, that one contacted the sheriff and was able to find out exactly where he is.   Most of them live in other parts of the country, but a couple of them have been able to visit him.   They have all been telling me how much he's done for them and how much he means to them. 

Feel free to give him a call.   His direct line, for those who might not have it yet, is  224-534-4835. After 4pm he's usually done with therapy, so evening is a good time.  

Thanks to all for your concern!     Janice 

Allen’s  home phone is:   847-298-1685 

Let’s all say a prayer or two for our little buddy, Allen. 

Hoping to see you in October, we respectfully remain your humble servants. 

Ash Cutchin,   SH 44 

Don Tyler,   SH 21 

PS:       If you are receiving this communication via snail mail it means we do not have an email address for you.  If you have email, we urge you to let us know.  You may send your email address to Jim Benoit at:   jimbenoit@comcast.net